Scheduled Publishing

Since Microsoft got rid of MCMS (Microsoft Content Management Server) and rolled its web page authoring features into SharePoint (2007 to Online) the product has supported the creation of an article that can be set to go live automatically at a specified date and time. This is a feature that I’ve been asked about loads and recently had to provide some detailed steps. Enjoy!

Scheduling a page for publication at a later date

  1. Create a new page or navigate to the article that you want to schedule for later publication

  1. Click Ribbon > Publish > Schedule

  1. Set the publishing schedule for the article as desired and click OK

  1. Note that the author is informed of the scheduled publication date

  1. Click Ribbon > Publish > Publishing > Publish
  2. Add optional editorial comments and click Continue

  1. Note that the article is now published and will become available to readers on the scheduled date and time

Not seeing the “Schedule” button on the ribbon?

In order to schedule publishing the following configuration needs to be in place on the Pages library storing your articles.

  1. Navigate to an article where you want to enable scheduled publishing
  2. Click Ribbon > Page > Page Library > Library Settings

  1. Click General Settings > Versioning Settings
  2. Ensure that Content Approval = Yes
  3. Ensure that Document Version History = Create major and minor (draft) versions
  4. Click OK

  1. Click General Settings > Manage item scheduling
  2. Ensure that Enable Item Scheduling = Yes
  3. Click OK


Apps using tenant scope permissions in a local site

If you have an autohosted SharePoint app that requests tenant scope permissions and you set the target site to a local URL you might run into a problem when debugging from Visual Studio.

The certificate is added and the app deploys fine. The user is then prompted to grant the app permission but a message notifies us that the current user does not have permission to trust the app.

Sorry, only tenant administrators can add or give access to this app

So in order to grant a user “tenant administrator” rights in a local farm complete the following:

Add the account (not via a group) to the Farm Administrators role in Central Administration

Do an IISRESET after granting the permission.

When you re-deploy the app from VS the account should now be able to click the “Trust It” button.

And you’re off to the next hurdle…

Lenovo track pad gestures driving you crazy on Windows 8?

Lenovo recently updated their track pad drivers to recognise touch gestures in Windows 8. This means that you will notice that you can swipe in from the left edge to switch applications and swipe in from the right edge to bring up the charms bar.

At first this seems cool but when you try and use the machine for real work this causes some issues… trust me I saw the funny (and distracting) side-effects in a workshop today!

In my opinion it’s much more efficient and accurate to spend some time learning the hotkeys for operating the “touch functions” of Windows 8.

So here is how you can disable these new “features”:

  1. From the Windows 8 start screen
  2. Hit “Windows Key + W”
  3. Type “mouse”
  4. Choose “Change mouse settings”

  1. Click “Settings” in the TouchPad section of the UltraNav tab

  1. Expand the “Application Gestures” node on the left to turn off the undesired gestures.

XMind VS Java

After installing an update to Java this morning XMind wouldn’t start and gave me the following message:

“A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available in order to run XMind. No Java virtual machine was found after searching the following locations…”

First thing is to check your version of Java by hitting WINDOWS KEY + W (Windows 8) or WINDOWS KEY (Windows 7) and typing “Java”:

Turns out that Java updated to version 7 which changed the folder path from “jre6” to “jre7” which means that XMind can no longer find the Java RTE.

Luckily the path to Java is stored in the xmind.ini file that lives in the XMind installation folder and updating the file as follows fixes the problem.

Happy mind mapping!

SharePoint Admin Page Shortcuts

Just a quick post with some handy SharePoint admin page shortcuts:



Create site


List templates


Master page




New site content type


Page layouts and site templates


Recycle bin


Reset to site definition


Searchable columns


Site collection recycle bin


Site columns


Site content types


Site settings


Site templates


Site themes


Site usage report


Title, description and icon


Tree view


Web parts


Web parts maintenance


Welcome page




My Windows Phone 8 Apps

I’ve noticed a number of new Windows Phone 8 devices around the office this January I’ve decided to share some of the apps that I’ve found useful.


If you’re into podcasts you’re going to find that, just like with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft have decided to exclude podcasts from the UK store even through the phones have really good podcast support. To overcome this completely artificial limitation there are a number of apps of which I’ve found Podcatcher to be superior.

News Feeds

I’ve been using Google Reader for years as my personalised and admittedly pretty geeky daily newspaper. The excellent Nextgen Reader makes catching up on what’s going on a breeze and is also available as a Windows 8 store application.


If you use public transport having status information before you descend underground can make all the difference between having some free time in the evening (maybe to play some Skyrim…) or being stuck in a human sardine can for an hour or two. I use London Travel and London Bus to provide me with this travel spidy-sense and to get me where I need to go.


If you do find yourself stuck on a train en route home though why not try something different for dinner using the Allrecipies app?

TV and Movies

When the weekend is not great for being outdoors (not a problem in the UK right?) check what’s on using the TV Guide app and then when you realise there’s nothing on why not decide on a movie showing at your local theatre using Flixster.

Holiday / Travel

For moving around the globe I’ve found the following really useful…

For finding the best flights I use Skyscanner.

To keep track of my upcoming flights I use Flight Status.

Seeing what the weather will be like where I’m headed is easy with the free Weather app from Microsoft.

Good old Trip Advisor is key for finding the best place to stay in a new town.

When you get there you can find good restaurants and things to do using the built in Local Scout.


Seeing as we have to pay for our holidays and our Windows phones somehow we need to connect to work. First things first you can connect to your company email by setting up your account. Next download the SkyDrive app to get to your cloud files and Lync 2010 for instant messaging. Finally check out the native Office Hub to work with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files stored in SharePoint or the cloud.


This is where Windows Phone has always shined… the built in social integration combined with Skype and WhatsApp is probably all you need but if you prefer there are great standalone Facebook and Twitter apps too.

So I hope you guys find some of those as useful as I have and if you want to get better at using your Windows Phone check out the Windows Phone 8 How-to