New Windows app 🤔

AI generated image of a computer desk with two of the same 4K monitors. The monitors have black, symetrical, bezels. The room is a calm and minimalist environment with swedish design with green plants, white early morning light. There is a red cup of coffee, a lamp, and grey speakers on the table, colorful art on the wall.

I've been working mostly in an Azure Virtual Desktop for a few months now and I use two monitors. Before, I used the Azure Virtual Desktop (Preview) app in the Microsoft Store to make this work. Now the new Windows app makes it easy to put all my remote desktops (AVD, Windows 365, Dev Box) together in a single app. Oh, and it's available on PC and Mac, and supports multiple monitors!

Untrusted HTTPS certs in Edge

This is how you can bypass the block and see your site when developing with an untrusted HTTPS certificate in Edge.

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Microsoft Ignite 2023

First person view of someone in the driver seat of a Volvo watching the Microsoft Ignite keynote videon on the centre display.

Charging is the perfect time to catch up on all the cloud and AI progress with the #microsoftignite keynote.