SharePoint “Send To” Destinations

As part of the document management features in SharePoint 2010 there is a contextual ribbon tab (and context menu) available for each document in a document library. This menu contains an option called “send to” in the Copies section and as the name suggests this will send a copy of the document to a different destination.


By default there are two options available under the “send to” menu: other location and create document workspace.

The other location option will allow you to send a copy of a document to another document library or folder.

Send document to other location form

Create document workspace will create a new site based on the Document Workspace template and will copy the document to the new site.

Two additional types of destinations can be configured to appear in the document library “send to” menu.

Another Document Library or Folder

Each document library allows for the configuration of a single “send to” destination. This can be a document library or folder in the same site collection as the source document library.

Since the other location option allows users to copy documents to another document library already this is a means of creating a more convenient shortcut if you need to copy documents to a specific location on a frequent basis.

For example documents might be copied to a folder once they are signed off by a client.

To configure a custom send to destination for a document library navigate to the document library and choose the following options:

Library Tools > Library > Library Settings > Advanced Settings


Records Centre

The second target location is a site collection based on the Records Center site template.

SharePoint 2010 provides more flexibility in the configuration of the records centre connection than before and allows us to connect one or more record centres to a web application.

Note: In SharePoint 2007 only a single Records Centre connection could be defined for the entire farm and would show up in send to menus for all document libraries in the farm.

To configure “send to” connections for a web application:

Central Administration > General Application Settings > Configure Send To Connections

Send to connections form

Record Center is not properly configured for this request

I’ve been troubleshooting some inter-farm record declaration problems recently and ran into an annoying generic exception.

"The Records Center is not properly configured for this request"

My configuration has two SharePoint 2007 farms. Farm A hosting "collaboration" sites (e.g. team sites, my sites) and Farm B hosting a site collection based on the Record Center site template. Each farm has it’s own set of service accounts and I am using Kerberos authentication.

When attempting to declare records from Farm A I was getting the exception and the matching event log entry in the Application log of the web front end server in Farm A:

Event 7022 - The Records Center is not properly configured for this request

The following seem to be the most common causes of this generic exception:

The URL to the OfficialFile web service is incorrectly entered in Central Administration > Application Management > External Service Connections > Record center on Farm A.

The Record Center site is created as a sub-site as opposed to a top-level site.

The service account for Farm A is not a member of the Record Center Web Service Submitters group in the Record Center site collection on Farm B.

And finally a bug with documents that have date fields and non-US date regional settings for which a hotfix was made available 26 August 2008.