Record Center is not properly configured for this request

I’ve been troubleshooting some inter-farm record declaration problems recently and ran into an annoying generic exception.

"The Records Center is not properly configured for this request"

My configuration has two SharePoint 2007 farms. Farm A hosting "collaboration" sites (e.g. team sites, my sites) and Farm B hosting a site collection based on the Record Center site template. Each farm has it’s own set of service accounts and I am using Kerberos authentication.

When attempting to declare records from Farm A I was getting the exception and the matching event log entry in the Application log of the web front end server in Farm A:

Event 7022 - The Records Center is not properly configured for this request

The following seem to be the most common causes of this generic exception:

The URL to the OfficialFile web service is incorrectly entered in Central Administration > Application Management > External Service Connections > Record center on Farm A.

The Record Center site is created as a sub-site as opposed to a top-level site.

The service account for Farm A is not a member of the Record Center Web Service Submitters group in the Record Center site collection on Farm B.

And finally a bug with documents that have date fields and non-US date regional settings for which a hotfix was made available 26 August 2008.