Baby steps with Bash on Windows

Creating software never gets boring as the platforms, tools and techniques are always evolving. Until recently being a developer in the Microsoft world meant working with languages like C# and VB.NET, tools like Visual Studio, Windows Command Prompt and PowerShell. Starting with the Windows 10 Anniversary update we now have access to a Linux command line called Bash and a lot of the awesome tools that the Linux community have built over the years (curl, ssh etc.)

The Microsoft Store app
in Windows 10 now makes it very easy to install Bash and the first thing you need to decide is which Linux distribution (AKA distro) you want to install… I went with Ubuntu.

Here are some more details on getting bash up and running on your Windows 10 machine:

Now that you have bash, here are links that I used to answer my questions about Bash…

What are some basic bash commands and tools?

How do I install software using bash?

How do I work with files across Windows and Bash?

How do I create scripts to string command together?

What are some fun things to use in demos?

nyancat: sudo apt-get install nyancat

cowsay: sudo apt-get install cowsay

htop: sudo apt-get install htop

midnight commander: sudo apt-get install mc

Let me know if you find anything else that would be cool to use for demoing