About Me

Hello and welcome to my website!

My first experience of programming was when I wrote (read: copied from a library book) the Basic code to run an ASCII version of Pitfall on the family Sinclair ZX Spectrum and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Starting high school it seemed like a no-brainer to pursue computer science and I cut my teeth learning Turbo Pascal, C and even a little Assembler.

From there I went on to Visual Basic and Windows Forms which was the skillset that provided me with my first paid programming gig. Work quickly evolved to classic ASP as the web was kicking off in a serious way.

Then I caught the .NET wave quite early (starting with C# 1.0 beta 2) and from there it was all ASP.NET which evolved into a Microsoft Content Management Server / SharePoint Portal Server 2003 / K2.net triple play for a few years until eventually everything got rolled into SharePoint.

Currently I’m working with clients across a number of sectors to plan, build and utilise their Office 365 and Microsoft Azure investments.

Oh yes and the hardware has also moved forward from the Spectrum days!


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