Scheduled Publishing

Since Microsoft got rid of MCMS (Microsoft Content Management Server) and rolled its web page authoring features into SharePoint (2007 to Online) the product has supported the creation of an article that can be set to go live automatically at a specified date and time. This is a feature that I’ve been asked about loads and recently had to provide some detailed steps. Enjoy!

Scheduling a page for publication at a later date

  1. Create a new page or navigate to the article that you want to schedule for later publication

  1. Click Ribbon > Publish > Schedule

  1. Set the publishing schedule for the article as desired and click OK

  1. Note that the author is informed of the scheduled publication date

  1. Click Ribbon > Publish > Publishing > Publish
  2. Add optional editorial comments and click Continue

  1. Note that the article is now published and will become available to readers on the scheduled date and time

Not seeing the “Schedule” button on the ribbon?

In order to schedule publishing the following configuration needs to be in place on the Pages library storing your articles.

  1. Navigate to an article where you want to enable scheduled publishing
  2. Click Ribbon > Page > Page Library > Library Settings

  1. Click General Settings > Versioning Settings
  2. Ensure that Content Approval = Yes
  3. Ensure that Document Version History = Create major and minor (draft) versions
  4. Click OK

  1. Click General Settings > Manage item scheduling
  2. Ensure that Enable Item Scheduling = Yes
  3. Click OK