My Windows Phone 8 Apps

I’ve noticed a number of new Windows Phone 8 devices around the office this January I’ve decided to share some of the apps that I’ve found useful.


If you’re into podcasts you’re going to find that, just like with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft have decided to exclude podcasts from the UK store even through the phones have really good podcast support. To overcome this completely artificial limitation there are a number of apps of which I’ve found Podcatcher to be superior.

News Feeds

I’ve been using Google Reader for years as my personalised and admittedly pretty geeky daily newspaper. The excellent Nextgen Reader makes catching up on what’s going on a breeze and is also available as a Windows 8 store application.


If you use public transport having status information before you descend underground can make all the difference between having some free time in the evening (maybe to play some Skyrim…) or being stuck in a human sardine can for an hour or two. I use London Travel and London Bus to provide me with this travel spidy-sense and to get me where I need to go.


If you do find yourself stuck on a train en route home though why not try something different for dinner using the Allrecipies app?

TV and Movies

When the weekend is not great for being outdoors (not a problem in the UK right?) check what’s on using the TV Guide app and then when you realise there’s nothing on why not decide on a movie showing at your local theatre using Flixster.

Holiday / Travel

For moving around the globe I’ve found the following really useful…

For finding the best flights I use Skyscanner.

To keep track of my upcoming flights I use Flight Status.

Seeing what the weather will be like where I’m headed is easy with the free Weather app from Microsoft.

Good old Trip Advisor is key for finding the best place to stay in a new town.

When you get there you can find good restaurants and things to do using the built in Local Scout.


Seeing as we have to pay for our holidays and our Windows phones somehow we need to connect to work. First things first you can connect to your company email by setting up your account. Next download the SkyDrive app to get to your cloud files and Lync 2010 for instant messaging. Finally check out the native Office Hub to work with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files stored in SharePoint or the cloud.


This is where Windows Phone has always shined… the built in social integration combined with Skype and WhatsApp is probably all you need but if you prefer there are great standalone Facebook and Twitter apps too.

So I hope you guys find some of those as useful as I have and if you want to get better at using your Windows Phone check out the Windows Phone 8 How-to